Gas Gathering / Processing

Gas Gathering

Gas/Liquid contactors perform poorly if they are contaminated with dirty or wet natural gas. Solvent contamination causes many processing problems. A Triton filter/coalescing unit will remove contaminants before gas enters a gas/liquid contactor. A similar system is often placed downstream of the gas/liquid contactor to capture liquid carryover.

Natural Gas Processing

There are many facets to the processing natural gas. All of these processes involve compressors.

Gas compressors are becoming bigger, more efficient and more expensive. They are also becoming less tolerant of incoming solid and liquid contamination. In those cases where that is sand, coal dust, water or salt water with the gas it must be removed before it gets to the compressor. If the compressor has an oil sump it will throw oil into the gas it process which should be removed.

Dewpointing units often require a downstream coalescing filter to remove aerosol carryover from condensate separator. A Triton particulate and aerosol filter will handle the contamination both upstream and downstream of the compressor as well as removing liquid carryover.
Dehydration and Sour Gas treatment systems also often require removal of particulates and aerosols (see our Scavenger Applications).

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