Fuel Gas Filter / Coalescing System

Small Rugged Triton® High Efficiency

Stop the fouling created by wet and / or dirty gaseous fuels.

A solution in a small package provides adequate equipment protection at the point of use where it is needed without the cost of total system clean-up.


  • Process Burner Protection
  • Boiler Burner Protection
  • Flare Pilot Protection
  • Natural Gas Engines
  • Small Turbines
  • Compressor Protection
  • Gas Membrane Protection


  • Triton® Filter Technology removes 99.9% particulate and liquid aerosols 0.3 micron (um) and larger. Single element design
  • Swing bolts with eye nuts allow fast and easy element change-out while wearing gloves / no special tools
  • Bottom Inlet / Side Outlet – plumbing not disturbed for element replacement
  • Single O-Ring closure assures quick and positive cover sealing
  • Can be mounted vertically (as pictured) or up to 45 degree angle in any direction