Fuel Gas Filters

Fuel Gas Filters

Fuel gas covers a wide range gases and interpretations. Our filtration products were originally designed to handle the most difficult of the applications. Our Triton™ filtration system was developed for the refinery and petrochemical market where a wide variety of contaminants need to be separated from the basic fuel.

TritonFiltration Technologies’ Triton™ brand Fuel Gas Separator system was designed to meet the more critical gas conditioning requirements — specifically refinery fuel gas feeding burners that power reactors and turbine power systems. Properly conditioned gas systems reduce maintenance cost and improve performance at the same time.

The Triton™ gas conditioning system provides the Best Available Commercial Technology (BACT) for removing particulate and liquid aerosols from fuel gas streams.

Either a simple system - or one with duplexing and instrumentation

TRITON™ Advantage

Easiest System to Maintain

Because our element combines the pre-filter and the coalescing stage in one unit, there is only one element to change (see a short video clip of change-out).

Smallest Footprint

Because we do the filtration and coalescing in one housing, the amount of floor space, instrumentation, and valving required is kept to a minimum.

Click below to view more animations on how our filters and vessel systems work.

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