Scavenger Applications

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Amine Contactors

Acid gas units such as amine contactors need to be protected from solid particulate, glycol and hydrocarbon aerosols that can carry over from upstream processes and compressors.  Below is a diagram of a typical amine system showing the filtration components often used. 

Dehydration Units

Dehydration units include glycol and molecular sieve (desiccant) units.  In both cases the core of the absorbing unit needs to be protected from dirt, hydrocarbon and gross aqueous aerosols.   A Triton particulate and aerosol removing filter upstream of a dehydration unit will protect it from dirt and aerosols.  Removing the contaminant significantly reduces the foaming in an amine contactor.   It may be necessary to add a carbon unit in front of some very sensitive molecular sieve units to capture hydrocarbon vapors.



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