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Gas Pipelines

The system of compressor booster stations along a pipeline require that particulate (rust, scale, iron sulfide) and liquids and liquid aerosols be removed before entering the booster compressor. If these compressors have an oil bath they will throw oil into the re-compressed gas which must be removed as well. A Triton particulate and aerosol removing filter will fulfill both of the above functions. In those cases where the volume of gas is very high the Sector filter system with Triton elements can be very beneficial.

Iron Sulfide contamination can partially bypass even the best coalescing filter. In some cases iron sulfide particles are smaller than 0.3 micron. The problem of iron sulfide has been found to be widespread in some regions. The solution is either to prevent the formation of the particulate or to filter it out. These approaches are often not practical or very expensive. Our systems are used primarily to protect point of use components such as compressors, turbines and instruments. Even very efficient gas coalescing filters may not stop some of the smallest iron sulfide (black power) particles. In some cases the black powder is magnetic. If this is the case we can provide filters designed to remove magnetic contamination to protect point of use equipment such as compressors and instrumentation.


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