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Catalyst Bed

The increased use of more efficient and more expensive catalyst demand more effective contamination removal. Installation of a Triton filter/coalescing system upstream will remove solid particulate and aerosols that could damage or plug a catalyst bed. A particulate only filter is often installed downstream of many catalysts to capture the fines that can carryover. If the fines are to be re-used a surface filtration unit would allow the fines to collected and returned to the system.


Gas separation membranes is a fast growing field technology.  Particulate contamination will reduce the effectiveness or damage most membranes.  Many gas separation membranes are also very sensitive to liquid aerosols.   A Triton particulate and aerosol removing filter will remove 99.98% of the particulate and liquid aerosols (water and hydrocarbon)

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Gas Conditioning

Triton Compressor

Triton Compressor

Sector System

Triton Sector System


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